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The Sandhills of Nebraska.  Love the wide open spaces!!


Balloons in Kansas sky 

Rocky Mountain National Park

My 1980 Mustang and a sparkler!

Shuttle Enterprise on 747 carrier when it landed in Wichita, KS

Barred Owl


Wolf Spider

Barn near Robins, Ia.  Torn down.


Inside the old Hindman homestead.  2011.


Eagle Nest 2012

Eagle Nest 2012

Eagle Nest 2012 

Parent eagle making sure I realize that I shouldn't be near their tree. 

Long-eared owl.  Rushville Cemetery.

Organic Corn

Aerobatic Demonstration.  Quad Cities Airshow 2012

Mirror Image.  Quad Cities Airshow 2012

Thunderbirds at Quad Cities Airshow 2012

Loop-D-Loop.   Quad Cities Airshow 2012

High-speed turn.  Quad Cities Airshow 2012

Buzzards on the cell tower in Central City

Fall sunset.


My daughters and I are outstanding in our field!  Actually out standing in my cousin's field.  2013


Great Horned Owl flying into the nest.  2013



Parent eagle arriving at the nest with a fish in its beak.  2014

Mother eagle feeding her little one.  4/26/2014

Trip to Western Nebraska June 2014

Western Nebraska Traffic Jam.  Somewhere along Highway 20, we stopped while cattle were moved across the highway.

Wood Lake Cafe.  Four photo pano.

Rainbow at Valentine, Nebraska.  June 15, 2014.

View somewhere south of Valentine Nebraska in the scenic Sandhills.

HDR image somewhere south of Valentine, Nebraska

Hotel Pfister, Rushville, Nebraska.   HDR image.

Hotel Pfister detail.  Rushville, Nebraska.

Rushville, Nebraska watertower with sun peeking around.

HDR of the interior of our 1952 truck out on the farm.  As I always point out... it is the truck I was brought
home in after I was born.  And the truck I learned to drive in.

Carhenge.  Alliance, Nebraska.

Chimney Rock, near Bayard, Nebraska.  HDR image (but trying not to make it look HDR).

Chimney Rock... B/W version.

Yet another Chimney Rock photo... I enjoyed photographing this Nebraska icon.

Family gathering at Chimney Rock... me, mom, Elin, Sharon.

Scotts Bluff National Monument.  Photo doesn't do it justice...  The thing is enormous.

Four photo pano from the top of Scotts Bluff National Monument.  At center, right, is the entrance.

Knive's edge trail on Scotts Bluff.  I'm sure it looks more dangerous than it is.  (maybe)

Another view of the trail coming down Scotts Bluff National Monument.

Me, living on the edge... or at least standing on the edge.
Gering in the background.



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